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Paul Scerri Skin Care Products
Contact our store for complete information about Paul Scerri Products The Paul Scerri research and development laboratory has created the Phytodrops, real beauty concentrates rich active substances carried by an emulsive fluid gel, non sticky and non greasy. They bring the essential to the cutaneous tissues while leaving the skin soft and silky. The Phytodrops are part of a new aromatherapy generation where essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins, vegetal proteins and various hygroscopic substances and mucopolysaccharides precursors live in symbiosis.

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Paul Scerri Products

Dry and Sensitive Beauty Milk  
Paul Scerri Dry and Sensitive Beauty Milk - Intended for dry and sensitive skins. Thoroughly cleans the skin while leaving it smooth and well protected. The essential oil of lavender and the calendula oil it contains fight diffused redness and skin s...more
7 oz.   $32.00
Back Ordered by the Manufacturer
Oily and Impure Beauty Milk  
Paul Scerri Oily and Impure Beauty Milk, Fluid emulsion rich in emollient oils, intended for oily and impure skins. Its composition rich in essential oil of lemon, triclosan, and calendula oil fights impurities. Its slightly astringent action helps c...more
7 oz   $32.00Quantity:

Eye Make Up Remover  
Paul Scerri Eye Make Up Remover-Based on selected softening oils, just a few drops are enough to remove your eye make-up, even water-proof.

4 oz.   $34.00Quantity:
Osmovital Eye Contour Cream  
Osmovital Eye Cream ingredients, include Hydroxyproline, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F which aggressively address wrinkling, puffiness, loss of elasticity and dark circles. It provides a perfect consistency for a daytime eye cream.

0.51 oz   $67.75
Back Ordered by the Manufacturer

Osmovital Eye Contour Cream Plus ,Ultra Active Eye Contour  
Paul Scerri Osmovital Plus ,Ultra Active Eye Contour Cream,made of rich and smooth sructure,very nourishing and by the content of its active substances is proven to be essential to all cases of dry,ultra-dry,devitalized skin with crows feet tendency....more
0.51 oz   $57.50
Back Ordered by the Manufacturer
Nourishing Facial Mask  
Paul Scerri Nourishing Facial Mask - For dry skin lacking nourishing elements but without sensitivity or hyper-dehydration.

3.5 oz.   $43.00Quantity:
Moisturizing Day Cream  
Paul Scerri Moisturizing Day Cream - Adds the indispensable nourishing elements needed to preserve the skins elasticity and natural beauty.

1.75 oz.   $45.75Quantity:
Moisturizing Night Cream  
Paul Scerri Moisturizing Night Cream - Ultra nourishing, this night cream brings to the dry and dehydrated skins the elements necessary to their equilibrium.

1.75 oz.   $58.00Quantity:

Osmovital Day Cream (Mature Skin)  
Paul Scerri Osmovital Day Cream (mature skin) - Specially created for devitalized skins, the Osmovital day cream is fine, light and of supple texture. It leaves the skin silky, nourished and brings out its natural sheen.

1.75 oz.   $67.25
Back Ordered by the Manufacturer
Osmovital Night Cream,(Mature Skin)  
Paul Scerri Osmovital Night Cream, Mature Skin - Specially created for devitalized skin, this night cream replaces all nourishing and revitalizing elements necessary for a good balance of the skin.

1.75 oz.   $76.00
Back Ordered by the Manufacturer

Ph Balancing Cream  
Paul Scerri Ph Balancing Cream - Created to restore the pH equilibrium of the skin, this cream is an ideal base for make up and may be used as a night cream in all cases of impure and oily skins,can also be used as a day cream for combination skin ty...more
1.75 oz   $49.00Quantity:
Sensitive Day Cream  
Paul Scerri Sensitive Day Cream - This day cream is specially created for sensitive skins. Calms, clears and strengthens the cutaneous tissues.

1.75 oz.   $45.50Quantity:

Sensitive Night Cream  
Paul Scerri Sensitive Night Cream - This rich and nourishing night cream brings to the skin all the elements necessary to its equilibrium. Calms, clears and strengthens the cutaneous tissues.

1.75 oz.   $52.75Quantity:
Toning Day Cream  
Paul Scerri Toning Day Cream - To be used for all types of slackened tissues, atonic and dehydrated skin. Adds the necessary elements for elasticity and toning.

1.75 oz.   $48.50Quantity:

Toning Night Cream  
oning Night Cream - Specially created for devitalized and aging skins, this night cream brings the necessary stimulating and toning elements to the cutaneous tissues.

1.75 oz.   $52.50Quantity:
Exfoliating Cream  
Paul Scerri Exfoliating Cream - Removes dead cells, this exfoliating cream is specially intended for dull and atonic skin. It cleans the pores deeply and removes the dead cells.

3.5 oz.   $49.00
Currently out of stock
  Sensitive Skin
Clarifying Cream  
Clarifying Cream. Rich but very soft and light, this cream has been especially created for the sensitive skin. Quickly absorbed, it brings to your skin a high concentration of active clarifying and desensitizing principles. The tautness and warm feel...more
1.75 oz.   $62.50Quantity:
Dry and Sensitive Skin Lotion  
Paul Scerri Dry and Sensitive Skin Lotion - Clarifying and nourishing. For all types of dry, ultra dry, atonic, wrinkled skin with a tendency to diffused redness.

7 oz.   $32.00Quantity:
Moisturizing Lotion  
Paul Scerri Moisturizing Lotion,toner for extremely sensitive skin.
8 oz.   $45.75Quantity:

Oily and Impure Skin Lotion  
Paul Scerri Oily and Impure Skin Lotion - For all types of oily and impure skin. Alcohol free, contains sodium PCA, sodium lactate, burdock root and calendula extracts which purify the epidermis, stabilize the excess sebum and bring back suppleness a...more
7 oz.   $32.25Quantity:
Ph Balancing Lotion  
Paul Scerri Ph Balancing Lotion - A softening lotion without alcohol, to be used for all types of mixed and oily skin with excessive sweating and diffused redness. Physiologically stabilizes the skin pH.

7 oz.   $32.75
Currently out of stock

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