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4/18/2019 9:59:14 PM

Product Detail   Size: 1.6 oz     Price: $149.00    
Guinot The BiOXYGENE Cream

Day-to-day environmental irritants, from stress to smoking to pollution, are the main cause of many pesky cellular malfunctions that result in less-than-perfect skin. And when deprived of oxygen (thanks to those irritants), skin cells cannot breathe and this, too, is reflected on the face, making for a dull and lackluster complexion. Guinot’s new BiOXYGENE facial cream, available May 2012, will combat this problem, returning radiance to the skin by oxygenating asphyxiated skin cells. Consider it a breath of fresh air for the face. BiOXYGENE has been designed to stimulate cellular oxygenation with its Pro-Oxygene formula that utilizes amino acids extracted from corn that have an extraordinary capacity to help stimulate the cellular respiratory system and helping improve the functions of skin cells.
BiOXYGENE combats pollution with Purisoft. Made using peptides extracted from grains of the Moringa tree, Purisoft is a system of protection against pollution that helps expel harmful environmental micro-particles. All the while skin is moisturized with Guinot’s Hydrocyte Complex, the biological moisture source actively hydrates cells at each level of the skin, leaving faces feeling supple and refreshed. BiOXYGENE is also paraben-free and was not tested on animals. • Vitamin E helps neutralizes free radicals and protects against the harmful effects of the environment. • Plant DNA helps regenerate and repair cells. • Green Tea Extract is used for its antioxidant, anti-ageing, and regenerating properties • Shea Butter has an integral nourishing action.

TO USE: Apply the cream morning and/or night on a clean face and neck.

Size: 1.6 ozQuantity:
Price: $149.00

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